Heavy-duty forced intermittent asphalt mixing station passed the commissioning stage

Recently, Shenyang Northern Traffic Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. delivered the KFM.LB1500 forced-intermittent asphalt mixing station in Heilongjiang Province. After installation and commissioning, the normal high-efficiency discharge capacity was put into production and a satisfactory questionnaire was delivered to users.
KFM.LB1500 type forced intermittent type asphalt mixing station introduces advanced German technology, adopts the manufacturing technology of Japanese mixing equipment, and combines the characteristics of domestic highways to develop a new type of high-efficiency, fast-transition type asphalt mixing station. The equipment features advanced overall performance, easy operation, high measurement accuracy, and efficient and reliable production capabilities. The mixing building adopts a modular design to make it overall and beautiful in appearance. The production capacity of KFM.LB1500 asphalt mixing plant reaches 120 tons/hour. The whole machine realizes automatic control, full computer monitoring, automatic metering, accurate measurement, and high reliability. Its control system adopts programmable controller and professional industrial control computer. It can automatically, semi-automatically and manually control weighing, mixing and discharging in the production process. The aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt are measured by separate methods. The accuracy and reliability of the ingredients; hot aggregate, ore powder chain hoist, and automatic tensioning device, to meet the actual needs of customers to the maximum, with human characteristics. The equipment has reasonable structure, excellent performance, energy saving, flexible transition, high-tech content and high economic efficiency, and is the ideal equipment for asphalt mixture production in the field of high-grade highways, airports and urban roads.

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