Gansu Wuwei Environmental Protection Bureau Takes Measures to Solve the Outstanding Problems of Environmental Protection

Gansu Wuwei City Environmental Protection Bureau in the study and practice of the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the environmental protection must serve the economic construction of the guiding ideology and "differences, highlighting the key, classified guidance, focusing on practical results" of the working principle, and strive to change the non-adaptation does not meet science The ideological concepts of development, persisting in solving the outstanding environmental problems that affect and restricting scientific development in development, have so far rectified nine issues in all aspects.
In terms of improving service development capabilities, it has explored and established early intervention mechanism for major project decisions, the implementation of the “pre-ease assessment” approval mechanism, the “approved after approval” mechanism for project approval, and the priority support service key project mechanism in the project's demonstration and approval. Engage in advance and guide investors to build projects with high technological content, advanced technological equipment, low resource consumption, and low environmental pollution. The implementation of project time-limited examination and approval system is a project approved by the city. The examination and approval time report has been shortened from statutory 60 days to 15 days. The report form has been shortened from statutory 30 days to 7 days, and the registration form has been shortened from statutory 15 days to 3 days. For the major projects that meet the country's key investment directions for stimulating domestic demand, meet the conditions for environmental protection, and do not pollute or lightly pollute, open up a “green channel”, urgently and urgently, follow suit, and promote the project to start as soon as possible. Implementing the leadership of the municipal and county-level environmental protection bureaus and the departments and departments to focus on the key enterprises and project systems of the whole city and carrying out the “Construction of Enterprises under the Central Government”. In response to the technical difficulties in the prevention and control of pollution, the company organizes technical research and expert review to actively introduce advanced technologies for the enterprises. Pollution control technology options provide information services, advice and guidance and enthusiasm.
In solving outstanding problems in environmental protection, we assisted Ronghua Company adopt short-cut nitrification and denitrification and anaerobic and aerobic technologies to solve the problem that the production wastewater could not meet the discharge standards and the odor gases had a great impact on the surrounding environment, and strived to coordinate the provincial Environmental Protection Agency to the existing end of the year. The overall acceptance of the project; urged Quansheng Paper to increase investment, eliminate simple alkali recovery, steam ball production process, build large alkali recovery, continuous steam boiler system, achieve 35,000 tons of pulp / year, 50,000 tons of paper The annual production line is up to production standards; for the provincial government has included malt companies in the province's pollution reduction projects, the 12 malt companies have been urged to guide the construction of wastewater treatment using the aerobic process according to the "Beer Industry Wastewater Discharge Standard." station.
The Bureau has explored and implemented the environmental protection management model that combines pollution reduction as the starting point, monitoring center as a platform, and project management, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment. Actively sought funding from the state and provinces for 3.86 million yuan, self-financing funds for 170,000 yuan, and conducted secondary standardization construction of monitoring stations. Invested 780,000 yuan for the standardization of the environmental monitoring detachment. The country and provinces have obtained 1.79 million yuan of funds, self-financed 140,000 yuan, and built the city's environmental monitoring center. At the same time, 46 enterprise environmental protection projects and 145 rural environmental protection projects were declared. In the "three-simultaneous" supervision, the former "re-approval and light supervision" was changed to the current "prudent approval, strict supervision, and re-acceptance", and efforts were made to improve the environmental protection threshold and adhere to the "new and old" measures. To achieve "increased production without pollution" and "increased production and reduced pollution."

RoHS UL Free samples pvc wire harness end cap

RoHS UL Free samples pvc wire harness end cap

large size steel pipe end cap, insulated pipe end cap (1)
Any  customized dimension & color would be welcome!
RoHS UL Free samples pvc wire harness end cap  is manufactured by the workmanship of Dip Molding to protect the end of cable, metal tube, rod, nut, and dustproof as well.
a) Material: Vinyl/Soft PVC
b) Flexible & Durable - Won't Split, Tear or Shred
c) Dust Proof, Fire Resistant, UV Resistant,Environmentally Friendly
d) Printable Surface for private labelling
e) Certificate: REACH, RoHS, UL
  Item                                                                                          Test Standard                                                      Test Method                               Result
Appearance                                                                      Clean, Smooth, Transparent, No Bubble                            Visual Inspection                               PASS

Aging Test                                                            168Hrs@136°C without aging                                Aging Box                               PASS
Insulation Resistance                                               DC 500V, Insulation Resistance R≥200MΩ             Insulation Tesistance Tester             PASS
Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test                            AC 2500V/Min (5mA)  No  Breakdown                   Dielectric Withstand Voltage Tester     PASS
Corrosion Resistance                                                Company standard: Q/HT-2004                               Corrosion Device                            PASS
Flammability                                                                            Standard UL 94 V-0                                            Flame Burning                         PASS
Internal poly bag and external carton. Special packaging could be customized.


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