Sichuan Chemical Sulfuric Acid Plant Performs Energy Saving and Emission Reduction on Technical Modification of Aging Equipment

In order to drastically change the situation of equipment aging and technological backwardness, realize the adjustment of products and industrial structure, and make the company's energy saving and emission reduction work a new platform, the sulfur acid sand plant with a 50-year history of sulfuric acid plant of Sichuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has recently been suspended. Transportation will undergo a comprehensive technological transformation.
It is reported that Chuanhua Sulfuric Acid Plant has successively invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the implementation of large-scale transformation of the system's boiling furnace, thermoelectric dust removal, sewage treatment, exhaust gas recovery and other systems, so that the main technical indicators such as discharge water, exhaust gas reach the national standards, to a certain extent On the relief of environmental pressure. However, with the continuous progress in the production technology of the entire sulfuric acid industry, the aging problem of this set of devices has become increasingly prominent and has not met the company's overall energy-saving and emission reduction strategy. Chuanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. has conducted investigations and studies on the market, the environment, and employees, and finally decided to shut down the plant and reinvest its advanced technology to produce a clean sulfur acid plant.

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