Sichuan Meifeng Ensures Urea Product Size by Adjusting Granulation Evaporation Temperature

In order to solve the problem of poor granularity of urea products due to the influence of high temperature and humidity and climatic factors, recently, Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Mianyang Branch Company collected a large number of sprinkler operating data and the corresponding distribution of intensity, and the urea plant quickly found out. The nozzle speed matched by different loads stipulates the adjustment range during normal operation of the nozzle and prohibits the unscientific behavior of blindly reducing the rotational speed for obtaining large-particle urea, and stipulates that the nozzle design must not be excessive when adding urine tank granulation. The load was found to have been severely punished. The workshop also starts from the source to increase the decomposition efficiency of the first and second stages, reduce the free ammonia content of the finished urea, reduce the evaporation granulation temperature, fundamentally reduce the generation of dust, increase the vibration frequency of the screening, and ensure the fluidized bed. Cyclone separator separation effect, increase the intensity of sampling testing, to create a positive condition for ensuring the intensity of compliance. After the implementation of the above-mentioned measures, the effect of the system was obvious. The granularity of the finished product was greatly improved, and the phenomenon that the batch φ<1.6 exceeded the standard was basically eliminated.

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