Arrester abnormality processing method

Lightning arresters are electrical appliances used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltages and to limit freewheeling time and often limit freewheeling. Next, this article will introduce you to the method of handling the abnormal situation of the arrester. Interested partners can learn together!

1. The leakage current meter is zero. The reasons for this may be: the meter indicates a malfunction; the shield line shorts the ammeter. The treatment method is:

(1) When you tap the meter to see if it is stuck or not, you should report the missing order, repair or replace it.

(2) Pick up the shield wire and the conductive part of the arrester with a gram bar to restore normal.

2. Leakage current meter indication is too large: according to historical data analysis, if it is found that the meter is full, it should be judged that there is a problem with the arrester, and the dispatcher should be reported immediately, and the arrester should be taken out of operation, please check and check.

3. The arrester discharge of the arrester porcelain sleeve. In the case of power frequency, the porcelain bushing of the arrester is used to ensure the necessary insulation level of the arrester. If the porcelain bushing is broken and discharged, it will become an accident of the power system. In this case, it should be deactivated and replaced in time.

4. There is a discharge sound inside the arrester. In the case of power frequency, there is no current flowing inside the arrester. Therefore, there should be no sound. If there is abnormal sound in the arrester in operation, the arrester damage is considered to be ineffective and may cause single-phase grounding. In this case, the dispatch should be reported immediately, and the arrester should be taken out of operation and replaced.

Release date: 2018/11/1 14:28:45

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