Plastic caps and sealing equipment will welcome a wave of opportunities!

Plastic caps and closures are common in everyday life and in industrial production. They are the final component of the packaging process and one of the key components of product integrity throughout the process. In the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for plastic caps and closures is increasing with the continuous development and production of new drugs and the expansion of the pharmaceutical market.

According to statistics from relevant data, in 2017, the global plastic bottle cap and sealing market value has reached 35.2 billion US dollars. By 2023, the market value is expected to reach $4.83 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 5% during the period 2018-2023. It is foreseeable that with the increasing market value of plastic caps and seals, the related pharmaceutical equipment and instruments will also have great opportunities.

The bottle cap sealability tester is a test instrument for detecting the sealing performance of the cap after the package cap is completed, and is also a sealing performance tester with superior performance and high cost performance, and has wide application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some experts said that the pharmaceutical industry is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Drugs are used to cure diseases. If the bottle cap is not sealed, it will easily deteriorate the drug. If the patient takes the deteriorating drug, it will cause harm to the body and even endanger life. . Therefore, the cap sealability tester plays a key role.

The cap impact tester is also an important device, which has an impact on the safety and convenience of the product. The author understands that the cap impact resistance testing machine is currently suitable for quality control testing of products by food, medicine, packaging and other enterprises.

According to the relevant manufacturers: "It can test the impact resistance of various materials on dynamic loads, and is developed for the impact resistance of the caps of various packaging containers. It can meet the GB17876-2010" plastic anti-theft caps for packaging containers. ", the requirements of the ball impact test, is also the ideal test equipment for the quality inspection department and production enterprises of packaging containers, plastic anti-theft caps."

The cap torque meter is a commonly used testing instrument. It is a special equipment for detecting the locking and opening torque values ​​of the medicine bottle and various bottled products. The cap torque meter has the advantages of flexible use, simple structure and wide application range. It is also an essential testing instrument for the pharmaceutical industry.

It is reported that the current advanced cap torque meter can be controlled by microcomputer, LCD liquid crystal display, continuous collection of test data, peak automatic maintenance, double mode design of locking force and opening force, standard unit of test result, no need for manual conversion, Automatically cleared, and has intelligent fault prompting and overload protection.

Filling and sealing machine is a kind of equipment that can be filled and sealed, and is also an ideal filling and sealing device in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the filling and sealing machine is gradually moving towards the direction of meticulousness, and is constantly improving production efficiency to ensure a low noise and environmentally friendly environment during production operations.

The automatic filling and sealing machine is a common filling and sealing device on the market today. It is suitable for filling and sealing various plastic bottles, cups, bowls and other materials, and effectively improves the equipment filling and filling appearance. The quality of the aspect. At present, the automatic filling and sealing machine has become a common equipment for pharmaceutical companies to fill and seal medicines, and there is still more market space in the future.

According to industry insiders, the demand for plastic caps and seals is currently showing strong growth, because the former has advantages over the cover and seal made of other materials such as metal and rubber. For example, it is more economical, versatile, durable, corrosion resistant, and low in cost. According to the above-mentioned market growth rate, when the demand for medicines, especially the demand for medicines, continues to increase, the opportunities for plastic caps and closures for related pharmaceutical equipment and instruments will increase, and enterprises need to firmly grasp and occupy And expand market share.

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