Floral butterflies come! Aowei strength attracts Malay Chen Sing Automobile Group to visit

On the afternoon of October 30, 2018, Huang Qingyun, the executive chairman of Malaysia Chen Sing Automobile Group, and Zou Yuxi, the general manager of the company, visited the Jiefang Engine Division and were interviewed by the Deputy General Manager of Ji Yizhi, General Manager of the Engine Division, and General Manager Zhang Zhenfeng. Warm reception by relevant personnel such as the service department and the heavy machine department.

Malaysia Chen Sing Automobile Group visited the Jiefang Engine Division Malaysia Chen Sing Automobile Group visited the Jiefang Engine Division

Chen Sing Auto Group is a long-established company with 60 years of experience in automotive assembly. The group currently has assembly plants in Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

The group's leadership in this China Bank is to seek new cooperation with Chinese commercial vehicle companies. The main itinerary is locked into two units of FAW Jiefang, one of which is the FAW Jiefang Engine Division. Why? The answer lies in: Aowei

One is: Aowei products are excellent

During the period of 2014-2016, Chen Sing Automobile Group purchased a total of 138 Xiwo 12m road buses, all supporting the Aowei CA6DL1 and CA6DL2 engines.

Huang Qingyun and his team understand the advanced performance of the Aowei engine Huang Qingyun and his team understand the advanced performance of the Aowei engine

So far, the Aowei engine has not experienced a major quality failure, and most of it has been safely driven 200,000 kilometers. The outstanding performance of Aowei made Huang Qingyun a lot of praise.

The purpose of Huang Qingyun's trip is to cooperate with Aowei and other products in the passenger car and engine group projects in the future.

The second is: Aoweizhi made a hard

The world's advanced Aowei engine production base, Chen Sing Automobile Group has long heard of it, this trip is just to see for yourself what kind of workshop Aowei boutique is out of.

Huang Qingyun and his party visited the joint factory building Huang Qingyun and his party visited the joint factory building

From the product showroom to the joint factory, Huang Qingyun and his entourage in the heavy machinery department fully understand the Aowei series of products, as well as the advanced production equipment, design and management system of the workshop.

Aowei's leading intelligent manufacturing system further conquered Huang Qingyun and his party.

The third is: Aowei has a strong influence.

Since 2018, the Engine Division has strongly promoted the sales of the Aowei CA6DM2 engine with the liberation of JH6 products in the Malay market. Up to now, sales in the eastern part of Malaysia have exceeded 220 units, and the subsequent 200 orders are expected to be released before the end of November. At the same time, the cumulative sales volume in the western part of Malay has reached 50 units.

Aowei CA6DM2 engine with liberation JH6 Aowei CA6DM2 engine with liberation JH6

Aowei has set off a boom in the Malaysian market, attracting more users to learn about the engine division and understand this product. During the exchanges between the two parties, Huang Qingyun and his party expressed their appreciation for the advanced production system, complete product sequence and excellent performance of the business unit.

In response to the engine selection and accessory support of the 12m bus project that is being promoted at this stage, the two sides conducted detailed communication and unanimously stated that they will continue to promote the full entry of Aowei and generator sets in the Malaysian market.

Exchange site Exchange site

Ji Yizhi said that the two sides must seize the opportunity of the Belt and Road, continue to broaden the scope of cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation for enterprises. At the same time, the engine division will also bring more world-leading power products to Chen Sing Automobile Group, allowing the FAWDE brand to shine more in the Malay market.

Gao Gaofeng will go to the flower butterfly, and the aowei with its own aura is attracting more cooperation from international customers to make “Made in China” shine on the world stage.

Reading volume: Source: Power Alert Author: Cold autumn

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