What is the difference between an automatic weather station and a traditional weather station?

Agricultural meteorological monitoring is an important prerequisite for ensuring the safety of agricultural production and rational arrangement of farming operations. With the rapid development of modern agriculture, people pay more and more attention to agricultural meteorology. At present, many areas have strengthened the monitoring of agrometeorological environment by applying automatic weather stations , which not only compensates for the shortcomings of conventional meteorological stations, but also provides a strong basis for meteorological decision-making services, greatly improving the level of meteorological services for farmers in various regions. It has played an important role in guiding farmers to scientifically farm and promote production and income.

Small automatic weather station

The climate station is an indispensable instrument for the meteorological environment monitoring in the agricultural field. In recent years, with the improvement of monitoring requirements, in order to achieve efficient and accurate agricultural meteorological monitoring, the weather station products are also constantly updated and upgraded, so the modern application is widely used. What is the difference between an automatic weather station and a traditional weather station? What are the application highlights of the automatic weather station?

1. The automatic weather station adopts small integrated structure design, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and anti-interference, and can work in various harsh outdoor environments for a long time.
2. The meteorological parameters that can be automatically monitored by the automatic weather station are temperature, humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, etc. in the air, and more sensors can be added to monitor more meteorological parameters, so the automatic weather station can The meteorological environment monitored is more comprehensive.
3. The automatic weather station can realize 24-hour uninterrupted observation, with higher measurement efficiency and more timely data transmission.
4. In the observation, the automatic weather station can avoid the errors caused by the observer's habit error and observation time, and the measurement accuracy is high and the data can be higher.
5. The automatic weather station is not limited by time and place. It can provide data in a timely and extensive manner and conduct comprehensive weather forecasting.

In summary, the automatic weather station has the unparalleled advantages of the traditional weather station, and with the advancement and development of science and technology, the automation level and intelligence level of the automatic weather station will be higher, showing more in the development of science and technology agriculture. Eye-catching results.

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