Fujian sales DN200 national standard straight seam three links Mengcun Zhanpeng manufacturers

Fujian sales DN200 national standard straight seam three links Mengcun Zhanpeng manufacturers

The performance of straight seam tees depends primarily on the carbon content and microstructure of the steel. In the annealed or hot rolled state, as the carbon content increases, the strength and hardness of the straight seam tee increase, while the ductility and impact toughness decrease, and the weldability and cold bendability deteriorate. The aging of low carbon steel tees usually has two kinds of quenching aging and strain aging. Straight seam tees are caused by the action of gap elements. Straight seam tees are mainly caused by the redistribution of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Straight seam three-way quenching aging is the phenomenon that the performance of carbon steel tee changes rapidly with high temperature after rapid cooling. The carbon content in the straight seam tee steel, the degree of deoxidation of the carbon steel tee and the nitrogen content have a great influence on the quenching aging. The low carbon steel, the insufficiently deoxidized boiling steel and the steel with higher nitrogen content have quenching aging. Significantly, the medium carbon steel with carbon content of about 0.3%, the performance change caused by the quenching aging of the carbon steel tee has been greatly weakened, and the high carbon steel containing about 0.6% of carbon does not actually have an age hardening effect.

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NC Servo Straightener Feeders range comprises various high-performance models of our Coil Feeding lines which are suitable for all press types.

The NC Servo Straightener Feeders Components:
Decoiler ---The decoiler is designed for coils with outer diameter of up to 1200mm. The coil is drawn off from above across the hinged feed table. Loading is handled by a crane or stacker. The decoiler is expanded manually or Hydraulic. The coil is restrained by a pneumatic pressure roller.
Straightener---The lower straightening rollers ensure continuous coil transport in forward mode and also enable the coils to be rewound when reversed. Additional feed and extraction rollers support the processing of various coils. Optimum straightening results are achieved through manual individual adjustment of the straightening rollers. A bending roller at the threading wedge ensures smooth threading.

Roll feed--- The roll feed, which advances the coil material on the infeed side, is attached to the press by means of an attachment bracket. This enables flexible adaptation to the Press Feed height. It is driven by a servo direct drive unit at the lower roller. Both feed rollers are hard chromeplated and rapid ventilation of the upper roller is actuated pneumatically. 

Mayflay's Coil Handling Equipment is ideal for Tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers as well as metal stamping suppliers serving diverse markets such as aerospace, appliances, marine, lawn equipment and more.

NC Servo Straightener Feeders

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