The development of grain vacuum cryogenic drying technology

Grain drying mechanization is the most important part of agricultural mechanization. The mechanization of grain drying can help the farmers to harvest grain that has been planted for half a year and immediately grab fresh, low-temperature and fast drying. Not only solve the problem of mildew in food and produce aflatoxin, but also the most important thing is to take care of the health of the people throughout the country, so that everyone can eat fresh, white, healthy and healthy good quality food, and at the same time solve the problem of aging population, manpower, Insufficient sun drying field.
The country is based on the people, and the people take food as the heaven. The "National Security Law" clearly proposes a sound food security and security system, and rising food security is an important part of the national security strategy. The "Proposal of the CPC Central Committee on Formulating the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" pointed out that we must adhere to the strictest arable land protection system, adhere to the red line of arable land, and implement the strategy of "collecting grain at the land and storing grain for technology." Grain production capacity to ensure basic self-sufficiency in cereals and rations are absolutely safe!
The Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law to be implemented on January 1, 2016, referred to as the new “Atmospheric Law”, is the basic law for environmental protection in the future. Strengthen the control of air pollutants emitted from agricultural production and operation activities, prevent and control air pollution, and implement coordinated control of air pollutants such as particulate matters, volatile organic compounds, and dust. How can we solve the problem of moisture emission pollution in the food hot air drying equipment on the market?
The current situation in China The homogeneity of China's grain drying equipment manufacturing products is very serious. At the expense of quality, there is no sense of the trend of the times. It is not the lack of strategic vision for grain drying equipment companies. The entire grain drying equipment industry has not recognized its bleak prospects. The momentary prosperity has caused the whole industry to collectively “blind”—the necessary vigilance and strategic vision have been lost. Therefore, there is no People are making early transitions and technological upgrades, so that the inflection point of the market has come to an end. Almost all grain drying equipment companies are in a panic, and only then think of new technologies to be developed... eventually...
The era of low-quality and low-cost China's grain drying equipment industry is coming to an end. The curtain of professionalization, specialization, and refinement has been opened. The stage of comprehensive upgrading of grain drying equipment products has begun. This stage will not be smooth and the technological level will be improved. It's harder than counterfeiting, so it must be embarrassing and bitter, but also because the grain drying equipment in the previous ten years has gone too smoothly. It is too easy for the grain drying industry to excel, and there will be a large number of companies that will be eliminated at this stage. Out of the game, this is the real symbol of the rebirth of the industry. It will be very, very painful. We must adapt. This frustration before being forced to the precipice is the great truth of the situation!
The way out for the grain drying equipment companies is to hold the determination of the severed arm of the men's army and recognize that this era has given a new historical mission. In the future, the development logic of grain drying equipment companies will only be one: how much value you can create, and how much wealth you can obtain. Grain drying equipment must be embarked on the journey again with a zeroed mentality and awaken as soon as possible. If the more desperate and persistent the dry companies, the result will be more miserable.
To be the helm of the company, we must know what products the company will sell next year, what profitable products will be listed three years later, and what strategic products will be after five years! True-minded, innovative companies will not only observe current trends in real time, they will also think more about what new issues these trends will lead to. These problems may not have appeared yet, but the leaders of a creative company will inevitably look ahead and plan ahead. If a company can predict the problems and troubles that will arise, and find solutions in advance, it can be regarded as a leader in the industry and has a strong competitive advantage.
The R&D of grain vacuum low-temperature dryers is not terrible for enterprises, as long as we have innovation and competitiveness and we eliminate others. Technological innovation, the world is invincible! Losers only compete, and entrepreneurs should choose monopoly. From 0 to 1, or from scratch, it means that companies must be good at creativity and innovation, form barriers through technology patents, network effects, economies of scale, brands, etc., so as to achieve qualitative vertical striding, thus opening up a It belongs to its own blue ocean market and becomes the only one in this market. Such a monopoly can allow enterprises to enjoy a huge profit.
Experts believe that when designing product R&D, designers will never wait for the market to give you the demand. As a technology foresighted person, you need to actively discover the direction of product technology advancement. The design should follow the concept of being more complex than simple and the operation should cater to the needs. The ease of use of guests. Designers pay attention to the constant innovation of the process, and the first step to reduce costs starts with the design of the grain vacuum low-temperature drying tower, and follows a core principle when designing its own grain vacuum vacuum drying equipment: simplicity. Simple design can not only ensure reliability, but also reduce costs. Vacuum drying at low temperature improves the quality of grain drying, and energy conservation and emission reduction are environmentally friendly.
The low-temperature drying of grain vacuum reduces the evaporation temperature of grain moisture from 100°C to 40°C. Because the temperature of water vaporization is lower than the gelatinization temperature of grain starch, it will not damage the grain and grain seeds; grain grain will be avoided. The expansion, scorching and explosion of the waist can ensure the quality of the product after the grain is dried. It ensures the original color, fragrance, taste, nutrition and quality of the grain after drying, and can be called “green, safe, and environmentally friendly”.
Summary The grain vacuum low-temperature dryer has created a low-temperature drying of grain, improved the quality of grain products, and saved energy to protect the environment is a green and dry operation. It is applicable to the general demand for pursuing high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost dry food enterprises, conforming to the national policy of “energy-saving and emission-reduction” national economy sustainable development, and will inevitably be favored and supported by government policies.
The development of grain vacuum low-temperature drying technology is a long way to go, and it is a high-tech technology. The application in the grain drying industry is just beginning. The new technology of vacuum low-temperature drying has broad application prospects in China's grain and agricultural and sideline products processing industries. It will undoubtedly inject new vitality into China's grain and agricultural and sideline products processing industries that will soon enter the 21st century, and together with other high-tech technologies, it will bake grain in China. The future development of dry equipment will play a huge role in promoting the development of a wide range of market demand, and produce a wide range of social benefits and huge economic benefits.

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