Dongfeng Motor: Focusing on Customer Brand Marketing

With the full implementation of the four emission standards for commercial vehicle countries, users are increasingly concerned about fuel consumption. How to more economically drive the country's four-emission vehicles and effectively reduce fuel costs is not only an issue that car companies need to consider, but also a focus of attention for every truck driver.

On December 17, the “finding the fuel-saving brother” Dongfeng Motor and the first China Card Friends Fuel-Saving Challenge finals ended in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. Dongfeng Motor (“Dongfeng Motor” is the abbreviation of the listed company Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. – editor's note) called on the whole industry to take action through its own practical actions to jointly promote the concept of environmental protection, impart fuel-saving techniques, and promote green, energy-saving and healthy life.

Challenge is also fuel-efficient energy saving competition <br> <br> It is reported that Dongfeng Motor · Chinese cardholders saving challenge as the commercial vehicle industry's first limited brands, limited geographical fuel-efficient large-scale challenge, since August Since the start of the competition, 150 sea races have been held in 50 cities across the country. An upsurge of fuel-saving and energy-saving challenges has been set off in the country for the “finding for fuel”. Through the fuel-efficient challenge competition, Dongfeng Motor has built a platform for competition, communication, exchange, and sharing on the same platform for the majority of its card members. It promotes awareness of fuel conservation, as well as common sense of safe, civilized and efficient driving, and promotes green environmental protection and energy-saving and healthy life to the whole society. The concept has become one of the most important events in the industry.

Fuel economy is the original intention, but it is not the ultimate goal. As Zhang Xiaofan, deputy mayor of Xiangyang City, visited the stadium, he said at the launching ceremony of the fuel-saving challenge finals: “At present, the development of a conservation-minded society is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The automotive industry shoulders important responsibilities and the path of low-carbon and green development. It has already been shown that automobile companies are saving energy and reducing consumption through scientific methods, and Dongfeng Motor has been at the forefront of the industry in this area and has made great contributions to the economic development, environmental protection and industrial upgrading of Fuyang City."

According to Chen Shuimin, assistant to general manager of Dongfeng Light Commercial Vehicle Marketing Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motors held the fuel-saving challenge. He hoped that practical actions would lead to the attention of society at all levels to low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, and subtlely impregnate the concept of fuel economy. People's hearts have positively impacted on the promotion of the development of logistics and transportation, enhancing public awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and even enhancing the overall social benefits. As an enterprise with high social responsibility in the commercial vehicle industry, Dongfeng Motor has always advocated energy conservation and low carbon. Especially in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, energy-saving and emission reduction is even more imperative. The holding of the Dongfeng light truck fuel-saving challenge undoubtedly serves as a model for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Experiential marketing change from passive to active <br> <br> emissions in the country's new round of upgrades, the Dongfeng Motor at the forefront of the industry. The fuel-saving challenge held the opportunity for users to deeply experience Dongfeng light trucks. Thanks to the dynamic nature and fuel-saving economy of China IV, Dongfeng Light Trucks has won high recognition from users in the market application. “Before waiting for customers to come to the door, now is to become passive and active, and to implement experiential marketing.” Chen Shuimin said, “through the fuel-saving challenge and Hui Yao Baicheng large-scale group buying activities, let customers find presence and enhance customer experience. From the point of view of brand marketing, there will be stickiness in terms of love, and only by continuously satisfying the needs of customers can the customer's loyalty be increased, resulting in widespread C-dissemination (user terminal communication). , it's far better than its own promotion."

Dongfeng Motor's experiential marketing is far more than this, "Experienced marketing is based on the three principles of 'favorable, helpful, and interesting', which makes users feel good and beneficial to themselves, and the process of participating in activities is enjoyable. During the process, there is an in-depth communication with the product, and ordinary users can drive the vehicle in the form of the fuel-saving challenge, the only difference is that there is no fuel-saving competition schedule, allowing the user to experience the performance of the vehicle during driving and Fuel consumption, in-depth experience.This activity we have held more than 50 games across the country. Through short-term, high-frequency, high-density experiential marketing, to enhance the brand image of users in mind." Chen Shuimin said.

Providing solutions for the market pain points <br> <br> Throughout the logistics and transport market, high-cost low-margin industry has become a major feature, but this feature has become a sore point logistics enterprise is situated. Despite the drop in oil prices, the cost of fuel oil still occupies an important position in logistics costs. Therefore, trucks with low energy consumption and high performance-to-price ratio have become the first choice for logistics companies. “The choice of models is to understand where the market's pain points and industry needs are, so as to provide a full set of solutions for the status quo to meet the needs of market segments users. Of course, the most important thing is to solve the core issues.” Chen Shuimin said, “Our products are We do not deliberately pursue high value, but we have been improving it.The research and development of commercial vehicles of Dongfeng Company not only has historical and cultural precipitation, but also the precipitation of technology. We are more concerned with the internal quality. The depth of the interaction with our products can only lead to a sense of cost-effectiveness.” “I can tell you with confidence that Dongfeng Motor will use the opportunity of upgrading the country to apply a large number of new technologies and materials and adopt a strict quality control process. The reliability has been greatly improved. This year's significant reduction in the number of service stations entering the station's maintenance business can confirm that there are no problems with the vehicles. This is a significant change. The improvement in quality is not a one-time effort, but is the result of long-term efforts by Dongfeng Motor." Say.

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