Ecochlor receives an order for 9 boat sets of ballast water treatment system

It is reported that the Ecochlor Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) has been installed on the ro-ro ship and bulk carrier of the Liberty Maritime Corporation fleet of nine American flags and foreign flags.
Ecochlor receives an order for 9 boat sets of ballast water treatment system
According to Ecochlor, Liberty's quality management program recognizes the need for environmentally friendly solutions in the global marketplace, and they will continue to strive to meet or exceed all environmental standards required by the International Maritime Organization, the US government, and all local governments they operate. Their commitment to the environment and their protection are a foundation of their business philosophy.
Tom Perlich, president and founder of Ecochlor, said in a commentary, "We look forward to working with Liberty for a long time and meeting the needs of their fleet for ballast water treatment systems. We are pleased that Liberty has decided to install our ballast water treatment. The system, and they understand the importance of installing a ballast water treatment system that will receive US Coast Guard type certification in 2016."

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