Analysis of Wheat Seedling Growth by Soil Moisture and Drought Management System

The soil moisture and drought management system can provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the crop's growing sensation and provide beneficial information for planting crops. This article is mainly for everyone to briefly introduce the analysis of wheat seedling growth management system.
After the emergence of wheat, most regions have high temperatures and low precipitation, and soil moisture and drought management systems analyze drought conditions in western Henan, central Henan, northern Henan, and eastern Henan, and some wheat fields are deficient due to inadequate surface moisture, resulting in lack of seedlings. The ridge phenomenon occurs and has an adverse effect on the growth of wheat seedlings. Soil moisture content in some areas is always at a low level, which is not conducive to the cultivation of strong seeds before winter.
In the late winter, the temperature is low, but the temperature is stable and the amplitude is not large. Because the growth of the wheat is slow and the water demand is small at this stage, the unfavorable moisture condition has little effect on the growth of wheat and is conducive to safe wintering. Soil moisture and drought management system results showed that except for a small number of plots in northern Henan and western Henan, the soil moisture content was adequate, and soil moisture content in most other regions was suitable. The relative soil water content at the sampling site was between 66% and 85%. The lyrical conditions are favorable for the delivery and growth of wheat before winter.
Soil moisture content and drought management system measured the relative water content of 0-20cm soil layer increased by 2.14 percentage points, and the relative water content of 20-40cm soil layer increased by 2.17 percentage points. Compared with the same period of last year, the soil moisture and drought management system monitoring point of 0-20cm soil relative water content average 7.25 percentage points higher, 20-40cm soil relative water content average 2.09 percentage points higher.
According to the overall analysis of the soil moisture and drought management system, the wheat moisture content is lacking after winter, and if there is less rain and snow, the emergence of wheat seedlings is insufficient. Wheat seedlings should be irrigated at this stage.

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