BorgWarner New Turbocharger Enters Chinese Market

According to media reports, BorgWarner 's DuroBilt® alternative turbocharger is a new product that can be used to replace various original turbochargers. This product complies with BorgWarner's stringent standards during production, commissioning and testing and is an economical solution for repairing non-BorgWarner original turbocharger vehicles.

BorgWarner Turbocharger
BorgWarner Turbocharger

"BorgWarner's alternative turbocharger is a mature product that provides reliable, first-line quality automotive components at a reasonable price, making it the best choice for many owners." BorgWarner Turbo Systems Chairman and Chairman General Manager Frédéric Lissalde stated that "BorgWarner's DuroBilt turbocharger can meet all kinds of harsh driving conditions and meet the various requirements of owners, vehicle dealers, repairers and teams. It is a combination of excellent performance and extreme performance. Cost-effective products."

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