·The qualified rate of motor vehicle exhaust gas detection in the first 8 months of Mudanjiang City reached over 90%

The reporter learned from Mudanjiang Environmental Protection Bureau that from January to August this year, there were a total of 23,821 vehicles in Mudanjiang City for annual exhaust gas inspection, and the test pass rate reached 94.3%. The unqualified vehicles will be required to be rectified within a time limit.
It is understood that the number of motor vehicles in Mudanjiang City is increasing rapidly, and the pollution caused by motor vehicle exhaust is becoming more and more serious. Motor vehicle emissions have become a source of pollution that cannot be ignored in urban and regional air pollution. Pollutants emitted by motor vehicles include: carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, fine particles and sulfides. Among them, the main pollution caused by tail gas in Mudanjiang City is mainly buses, trucks and engineering vehicles.
This year, in the process of creating a national environmental protection model city in Mudanjiang City, the city's motor vehicle environmental protection inspection management center increased the exhaust gas testing intensity, and according to the specific parameters of each vehicle's maximum total quality, number of passengers, registration date, etc. The permissible concentration limits for various emission pollutants are listed, and an annual exhaust gas inspection is performed on 23,821 vehicles. Among them, the qualification rate of 16930 light gasoline vehicles was 73.1%, the pass rate of re-inspection was 92.1%; the pass rate of 912 heavy-duty gasoline vehicles was 66.2%, the pass rate of re-inspection was 90.3%; the beginning of 1086 light-duty diesel cars The pass rate of inspection is 93%, the pass rate of re-inspection is 97.3%; the pass rate of 4,893 heavy-duty diesel vehicles is 94.8%, and the pass rate of re-inspection is 97.6%.
In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau hopes that the majority of car owners will raise their awareness of environmental protection, timely detect vehicle exhaust gas, and jointly create a harmonious ecological city home.

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