·The old car scrap allowance can be up to 21,500 yuan

Government subsidy standard for scrapped old motor vehicles (unit: yuan/car) September 15 to October 31, 2014 Note: 1.6-10 years, more than 10 years refers to the registration of motor vehicles from the date of registration to the elimination procedures The day ends. 2. The amount in brackets is the subsidy standard for the Current Programme.
The reporter was informed yesterday that in order to further improve Beijing's air quality and speed up the process of upgrading and eliminating old motor vehicles, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau jointly issued the Notice on Temporary Adjustment of the Old Vehicle Retirement Subsidy Standards in the City (hereinafter referred to as " Notice "), the "Notice" will be officially implemented from September 15, 2014. From September to October, the amount of scrapped vehicles will be increased in stages, up to 5,000 yuan.
From September to October, the old car subsidy can be up to 21,500 yuan. The "Notice" stipulates that the owner of the old motor vehicle who scrapped the old motor vehicle from September 15 to October 31 this year will enjoy the use of the vehicle for more than 6 years in 2011. On the basis of the subsidy of 6,000 yuan for the passenger vehicles, the vehicle will increase the subsidy amount of 3,000 yuan, and the maximum increase of the subsidy amount can reach 5,000 yuan. For example, the scrap subsidy for small passenger cars is increased from 7,000 yuan/car to 9,500 yuan/car, and the bus is increased from 16,500 yuan/car to 21,500 yuan/car. The increased scrap subsidy standards will be differentiated according to the different types of vehicles, the age of use and the amount of pollutants discharged, with a focus on stimulating heavily polluting medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles. "This increase in the amount of subsidies is only for scrapped vehicles that are directly disintegrated. The vehicles that are transferred out are not within the scope of this increase in subsidies," said Li Kunsheng, director of the Motor Vehicle Emissions Management Division of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.
Application for government subsidies and corporate awards will be closed on January 31 next year. According to the reporter of Beiqing Daily, the time for the transfer of old motor vehicles will be based on the time when the vehicle files provided by the public security traffic control department will be transferred. The scrapping time will be the vehicle files provided by the public security traffic control department. The cancellation time shall prevail. The government subsidies for old motor vehicles that were scrapped from September 15 to October 31, 2014 shall be implemented in accordance with the standards stipulated in the newly issued Notice. The transfer of old motor vehicle government subsidies is carried out in accordance with the previous "current program" and expires at the end of the year. The deadline for car owners to apply for government subsidies and corporate awards is January 31, 2015, and will not be processed after the deadline.
"Because the transfer policy may not continue next year, and the amount of subsidies for scrapped cars will not be so large next year, it is recommended that the public fully enjoy the subsidies given by the current government and replace old cars in time." Li Kunsheng said In the peak season of the car sales of the gold, nine silver and ten silver, the government hopes to use more subsidies to encourage more old cars to be put into the ranks of elimination.
The financial subsidies of 1.13 million old vehicles have been phased out to nearly 3 billion yuan to promote the elimination of old motor vehicles. As early as July 27, 2011, the Beijing Municipal Government Office issued "to further promote the elimination of old motor vehicles in this city. The “Update Plan” provides government subsidies for the elimination of passenger cars, trucks and special-purpose vehicles (excluding yellow-label vehicles) that have been used for 6 years or more. In addition, if the owner redeems the new car announced by the trading platform, it can also get a new car enterprise reward that is basically equivalent to the government subsidy.
Li Kunsheng said that the implementation of this policy has been effective for three years. As of the end of August 2014, 1.13 million old vehicles have been eliminated, and China’s first and second national standard vehicles are 310,000, with a total of 2.906 billion yuan of financial subsidies. The annual emission reduction of major pollutants is 384,400 tons. At present, more than 80% of the vehicles in this city have reached the national and tertiary emission standards.
According to Li Kunsheng, there are now more than 20,000 cars in Beijing that are delivered to Beijing at night. It can be said that these cars have become air killers at night. "According to our previous inspections, although these foreign cars have green labels, 80% of them are not up to standard. These 20,000 cars are opened in Beijing, which is equivalent to running millions of cars on the road, which is why many People reflect that the air in the evening is not good. At present, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has just negotiated with Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong and Inner Mongolia to build a platform for information sharing, so that the information of the super-standard vehicles can be exchanged."
Beijing basically solves the problem of yellow-label car pollution. The next step is to strictly check Guoyi and Guo'er. "At present, the yellow-label car in our city has been basically eliminated. It is the first city in the country to basically solve the pollution pollution of yellow-label vehicles." According to Li Kunsheng, currently There are less than 200,000 vehicles in the city for more than 6 years, but the emissions account for 70% of the total. “There are currently 5.5 million vehicles in the city, of which more than 200,000 heavy-duty diesel vehicles are large emitters. Nitrogen accounts for 50% of the total and emits more than 90% of particulate matter. Our goal is to achieve 20% electrification and 70% gasification in the city by bus and sanitation vehicles by 2017."
Li Kunsheng said that the management of the yellow standard car is nearing the end. The next step will be to strictly restrict the vehicles of the national standard and the national standard. Now there are more than 900,000 such vehicles in the city, but as for how to limit, the current policy is still In the argument.

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