· Kairui 800H reloading achievements to force the highest light card conference

On the morning of the 14th of this month, in the Sichuan Shunling exhibition hall in Chengdu, Jiangling’s first heavy-duty light truck Kairui 800H was reloaded. The mainstream media and the majority of Jiangling light truck users not only experienced the new car, but also witnessed a history of forced The highest light card new product launch conference.
Internet thinking + the highest force With the rapid development of information technology, Internet thinking has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and is no longer confined to the IT industry, but continues to spread to traditional industries. When Jobs, Lei Jun, and Luo Yonghao used a few hours of speeches to explain the new product development process, the latest technology and user experience, we were used to it, but when Vanke’s old age used the same logic to introduce one more hour. When we were in a shirt, we were really shocked.
The so-called Internet thinking is more about the value of people. The release of the Jiangling Kairui 800H further deepened the Internet thinking into the most traditional manufacturing industry and broke the conventional product introduction and other forms of publication. When other manufacturers are still talking about selling points, Jiangling said at the press conference that it is a "buy point" from the customer's point of view; when other manufacturers are covering up the technical performance of the product, Jiangling has released the most cruel anatomy. Car comparison test, let customers see clearly; when other manufacturers are self-sufficient and self-contained, Jiangling has already introduced the essence of Internet thinking and bold cross-border. At the press conference, when Jiangshuang Light Truck brand manager Li Shuang took the form of IT new product release and focused on the positioning of Kai Rui 800H “the first high-end heavy-duty light truck in China”, all the media and customers were shocked after more than one hour of speech. It is. There is no doubt that this is a new product launch conference that has been the highest since the domestic light truck.
The first high-end light truck + true heavy load At the press conference, Jiangling defined high-end light trucks with strict forward development, strict supply chain management, strict production and inspection standards. The development of the Kairui 800H model lasted for three years, and the development cost of the project and derivative products was nearly 1 billion. The new car was developed in strict accordance with the 13 nodes of the Ford GPDS global product development process and more than 200 standards to ensure no abnormal noise and small problems. . Industry experts from all over the world formed a supplier management team to give full play to their technical and communication advantages and made a truly seamless docking. This seamless docking is the key to ensuring the quality and matching of parts. At the same time, the durability of the vehicle is tested to ensure the wear resistance of the vehicle parts and the ability to resist fatigue and corrosion.
The Kai Rui 800H is still a heavy-duty light truck in the true sense. It is not a simple addition of an air brake or a long cargo compartment. The car is powered by the Topanther DS Leap 3.0 world class commercial vehicle. Based on Isuzu technology and Ford standard, jointly developed by Germany FEV, the power is up to 50.6 horsepower per liter. In response to the demand for vehicle performance under heavy-duty actual conditions, the key components of the girders, front and rear axles, leaf springs and tires were developed in a targeted manner, and more than 400 complete vehicle components were optimized and upgraded. At the same time, the Kai Rui 800H is the most comprehensive safety configuration in its class. The entire system comes standard with an air brake to ensure the safety of people and vehicles in heavy-duty transportation. In addition, vacuum radial tires, headlight height adjustable three-speed, safety corner lights, brake adjustable, ABS, exhaust brake, 3 probe reversing radar and other safety equipment for the Kai Rui 800H proposed a full range of driving safety protection.
Kairui 800H is the first high-end heavy-duty light truck in China, which continues the traditional advantages of Jiangling Light Truck's fuel-saving and durable, high residual value. In the whole life cycle, the comprehensive use cost is lower, and the money is saved, which provides users with greater value.

Conveyor pulleys are the main elements providing the transmission of torque from the drive and ensuring that belts remain taught. As per international standard design and manufacturing technology, there are Head Pulley , tail pulley and Bend Pulley . Conveyor pulleys are often lagged with rubber to improve the friction between the drive pulley and the belt. Conveyor Pulleys are used to transmit the drive power into the conveyor belt and as such, are subjected to the dynamic belt tension forces in a conveyor.

 Conveyor Pulley

There are a number of different types of pulleys available for use on conveyors as well as different design parameters for pulleys serving different functions on the same conveyor.


Drive Pulley: Transmit the power with the contact force between the belt and the surface of the pulley 

Snub Pulley: The purpose of the Snub Pulley is to wrap the belt further around the drive pulley to improve the transmission of the driving force, and to eliminate belt slip.

Bend Pulley: Changes the direction of a belt

Take-Up Pulley:  Generally attaches to a weigh and maintains proper

Tail Pulley: Turns freely, which is located at the tail end of the belt conveyor


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XKTE Roller Bearing- running - in material handling bulk conveyor system.


Types and arrangement of pulley bearings

The bearings are self-aligning relative to their raceways, which means that the bearings can be 'misaligned' relative to the shaft and plummer blocks, to a certain degree. In practical terms this implies that the bending of the shaft under loaded conditions as well as minor misalignment of the pulley support structure, can be accommodated by the bearing.


1. Bearings used for conveyor pulleys are generally spherical roller bearings, chosen for their radial and axial load supporting characteristics.

2. Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor Pulley

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