American laboratory uses old tires to extract lithium battery anode material is expected to reduce battery costs

The American Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) recently acquired carbon black from waste car tires and processed high-performance, low-cost carbon anode materials for use in lithium-ion battery packs. Once the above experiment is industrialized, it is expected to reduce the cost of the battery.

The negative electrode material is a key material in the process of producing a lithium battery and directly affects the performance of the lithium battery in terms of safety performance. A battery industry expert in Shanghai indicated that at present, natural graphite accounts for more than 50% of the global anode material, and with the deepening of research, artificial graphite will become an important material for lithium battery cathode.

At present, China A-share listed company, China Baoan (000009.SZ) has 26,000 tons of anode material production capacity, the global market share of 23%; Shanshangufen (600884.SH) anode material production capacity of 12,000 tons, customers Covers a number of international lithium giants such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sanyo.

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